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The educational mission of the Mattituck-Cutchogue Junior-Senior High School Art Department is to  

2019-2020 Department Goals

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    Course Descriptions:

    Sports Broadcasting: Grade: 11 - 12 (Unit: .5 // Prerequisite: Film I and Film II )

    Tune in to WMHS Sports each Friday afternoon for your weekly recap of Mattituck’s sports team highlights. Students will write, report, film and edit news stories about Mattituck High School sports events, team players and coaches. The focus will be on developing story ideas, producing sports features, as well as providing game coverage (requires time outside of class.) Students will create a pre-recorded segment utilizing skills in video production and editing, graphics for television, script writing, and team work while meeting their weekly deadlines and reporting relevant, exciting content for the school. Students in this class may also participate in the Broadcasting Awards for Senior High which takes place in the Spring semester.

     Television Production: Grade: 11 - 12 (Unit: 1 // Prerequisite: Film I and Film II )

    Welcome to WMHS, home of The Morning Show. In this class, you will experience the excitement of putting together a live broadcast in less than 40 minutes. Students are responsible for writing script, producing news stories, creating graphics, and editing videos. Students will create video projects to be inserted into the program (techniques learned in Film 1 & Film II will be utilized.) On-air personalities as well as behind the scene technicians are all needed to create a successful show. If being pushed to meet a deadline first thing in the morning is your kind of thing, this is the class for you. Students in this class may also participate in the Broadcasting Awards for Senior High which takes place in the Spring semester.

     Film I: Grade: 9 - 12  (Unit: .5)

    Welcome to Film 1, and introductory course where students explore the basics of film and video editing. Students practice camera techniques, digital video editing, and green screening as they produce projects including an instructional video, news story, and a short documentary. Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Audacity are among the programs used to create student productions. Filming, editing, and audio mixing will be emphasized in this course. 

     Film II: Grade: 10 - 12 (Unit: .5 // Prerequisite: Film I) 

    Action and chase scenes will be created by students as they build skills leading up to the creation of an original horror film, music video, and a short story. Both video and audio digital editing as well as digital manipulation of imagery will be explored along with an emphasis on the importance of sound and visual storytelling. Camera skill, shot selection, and story development will be explored in each fun and creative film project. Film II students participate in the Long Island Media Arts Show (date TBA.)