Welcome to the Art Department
of Mattituck Jr. Sr. High School

Dina Rose, Department Coordinator & Teacher  
 Michael Jablonski, Teacher  
 Tiffany Pelczar, Teacher  

Art Diploma Requirements:

Satisfactory completion of one unit in Studio Art may be used to meet the one unit of art or music required of all students to meet graduation requirements as prescribed by the New York State Education Department.  

Course Descriptions:

Studio Art Unit: 1 Grade: 9 – 12 (preferably grade 9)  

Studio Art is a full year introduction to basic techniques of the Visual Arts. This course is designed to meet the New York State Standards for the Visual Arts. The course offers a wide variety of art experiences based upon the understanding and appreciation of the elements and principals design, including projects in drawing and painting. In addition, the course offers an understanding of the cultural contributions to the Visual Arts as well as developing the ability to evaluate and analyze works of art. Studio Art is a prerequisite for all other electives in the Visual Arts. (Museum field trip, mid-term, final, research paper.)  

Studio Art 2 Unit: 1 .5 Grade: 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Studio  

This course builds on the fundamentals learned in Studio Art. We will explore all aspects of art making and art history and it prepares students for future advanced studio classes. Students will increase their awareness of the visual arts in their every-day life. This course covers drawing, painting, charcoal, graphite and collaged materials; acrylics; sculpture with clay, wire, wood and paper. 

Drawing Unit: .5 Grade: 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Studio Art  

This course explores fundamental drawing techniques in a variety of mediums including charcoal pencil, graphite pencil, colored pencil and pen and ink. The course is designed to be a prerequisite for Drawing and Painting (not required.)  

Drawing and Painting Unit: 1 Grade: 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Studio Art/Drawing preferred  

Drawing and painting is designed for the student with a special interest in exploring new methods in dry and wet mediums including acrylics, watercolor, and various collage techniques. Students will apply the elements and principles of design in a variety of two-dimensional assignments. In addition, the course will emphasize an understanding of styles of a variety of artists and art history periods.  

Interior Design Unit: .5 Grade: 10 – 12 (Every other day) 

Do like “Property Brothers” or “Fixer Upper” then you should enroll in InteriorDesign.  Apply your love of creativity and style by taking this course which will explore the concepts of color, texture, form, light, and empty spaces that come alive through design. This course will help students learn to make wise decorating choice in their future lives/living spaces, to learn about art principles and their application to decorating choices, study floor plans, room and furniture arrangement and selection, study housing styles, as well as, consumer rights and responsibilities. Students will collaborate with clubs and organizations to add murals, landscaping, benches, decor and more to our campus as well as creating individual projects throughout the course. 


Sculpture/Mix Media/Crafts Unit: .5 Grade: 10 – 12 

 This course is designed to offer a wide variety of hands on mixed-media art and craft experiences. Mediums such as printmaking, sculpture, fiber art, mosaics, and found object design will be explored in this course in 2D and 3D form. Students will have the opportunity to build, sculpt, carve, melt and assemble artwork using a variety of materials. GlassStudents who enjoy expressing themselves in a wide variety of art mediums should enroll in this course.  

Ceramics - Working with Clay Unit: .5 Grade: 10 - 12  

This course explores ceramics materials and processes, emphasizing development of handbuilding techniques and an introduction to the potter’s wheel. This course will also provide a basic understanding of clay, glazes and kiln operation. 

Graphic Design Unit: 1 .5 Grade: 10 – 12 Prerequisite: Studio 

 In Graphic Design students will get a thorough introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Visual design for communication is a focus for the course. Class projects will involve using design software to solve graphic design problems and create artwork. Students will learn about and use different resources on the Internet that can be used outside of the classroom. File management and organization will prepare the digital student for their future.  


Advanced Art Unit: 1 Grade:  11 - 12 Prerequisite: Studio Art, Drawing and Painting or 2 Art electives (Teacher recommendations)  

Art Portfolio Preparation for NYSATA Portfolio and/or AP Art Portfolio: Art Portfolio Preparation is for art students who are motivated learners and are serious about developing their ability to communicate their ideas, thoughts, and feelings in visual form. Portfolio Preparation gives students framework to build a varied portfolio that showcases strengths, creativity, and interests. Students will have a completed portfolio at the end of the school year that follows the guidelines for NYSATA Art Portfolio and/or AP Art Portfolio. This course gives students extra time and guidance to prepare for NYSATA Art Portfolio and/or AP Art Portfolio. Students will create art that reflects issues related to 2¬D and 3D design. Media such as Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Mixed Media, Ceramics and Collage will be utilized. This course enables students to develop quality artwork that demonstrates strong visual ideas and significant knowledge of the elements and principles of design, and the artistic skill and ability necessary to apply them.  

Photography Unit: .5 Grade: 10 – 12 

 Students will learn the basics of digital photography, how to use a digital SLR camera, and basic Adobe Photoshop techniques. Students will get to use digital SLR cameras the entire semester creating a portfolio for future presentation. We will use Photoshop to enhance, correct, and manipulate the photos for better presentation. Projects include black and white photographs, photo documentary, close-ups, self-portraits and more. 


Television Production Unit: 1 Grade: 11 - 12 Prerequisite: Film I and/or Film II  

Welcome to WMHS, home of The Morning Show. In this class, you will experience the excitement of putting together a live broadcast in less than 40 20 minutes. Students are responsible for writing script, producing news stories, creating graphics, and editing videos. Students will create video projects to be inserted into the program (a background in video editing is helpful.) On-air personalities as well as behind the scene technicians are all needed to create a successful show. If being pushed to meet a deadline first thing in the morning is your kind of thing, this is the class for you.  

Film I Unit: .5 Grade: 9 - 12  

Students practice camera techniques, compute-based video and audio editing, and green screening as they produce projects including an instructional video, news story, and a short documentary. Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Audacity are among the programs used to create student productions. Filming, editing, and audio mixing will be emphasized in this course.  

Film II Unit: .5 Grade: 10 - 12 Prerequisite: Film I  

Action and chase scenes will be created by students as they build skills leading up to the creation of an original horror film, music video, and a short story. Both video and audio editing as well as digital manipulation of imagery will be explored along with an emphasis on the importance of sound. Camera skills and shot selection will be closely examined as well. Film II students participate in the Long Island Media Arts Show. 

Sports Broadcasting Unit .5 credits, Full Year (Every other day) 

 Tune in to WMHS Sports on Friday afternoon for your weekly recap of Mattituck’s sports team highlights. Students will report, shoot, write and edit stories about Mattituck High School varsity sporting events, game results, team players and coaches. The focus will be on developing story ideas, producing sports features, as well as providing game coverage (outside of class.) Students will create a pre-recorded broadcast utilizing skills in video production and editing, graphics for television, script writing, and teamwork, all while meeting their monthly deadlines and reporting relevant, exciting content for their target audience.