At Mattituck High School, in English classes, students…

Through wide and deep reading of literature of steadily increasing sophistication, will gain a reservoir of literary and cultural knowledge, references, and images; the ability to evaluate intricate arguments; and the capacity to surmount the challenges posed by complex texts.

Students will also write as a key means of asserting and defending claims, showing what they know about a subject, and conveying what they have experienced, imagined, thought, and felt. (adapted from NYS learning standards)




Mary Grace Benolich ENL grades 7-12
Thomas Farrell 11th, 12th, AP Literature Mr. Farrell's website
Anne Gilvarry 9th, AP Composition, Creative Writing, Theater, Public Speaking Google classroom
Jean Mahoney 9th ENL, 10th, 10 Honors Ms. Mahoney's website
Susan McGinn 8th, 9th, 9 Honors, Language Arts Ms. McGinn's website
Sean Morgan
Global History AIS/ENL
American History AIS/ENL
Jacqui Portocarrero 9th, 11th, 12, AIS Regents Google classroom
Lori Rosato
7th & 10th
Google classroom