2017 – 2018


Teachers:        Mr. Albers                                Mrs. Valentine

Telephone:     (631) 298 – 8471                    (631) 298 – 8471



Dear Students:


Welcome to Geometry!  In order for us to have a successful year, I will expect to both give and receive Quality Work, and for Courtesy and Respect to prevail in our classroom.  Please take the time to read the following:


  • The successful completion of this course satisfies one of the three required math credits needed for graduation.  In June students will take the New York State Geometry Common Core Examination.  Passing this exam is one of the necessary requirements for an Advanced Regents Diploma.


•     Necessary Items: A durable 2” or 3” 3-ring binder, a very sturdy compass, ruler, pencils, RED pens, a small amount of loose leaf paper, colored pencils and/or highlighters, and a TI-84 Plus graphing calculator.


  • Homework Policy:  Homework assignments will be handed out daily, including Friday.  It must be done neatly, completely, and to the best of your ability in pencil.  You will correct homework in class with your RED pen.  Please keep all previous homework at least until the end of the marking period.  Homework will be collected daily and evaluated according to the following criteria:


    +2 = Excellent Effort:  Neat, complete, directions followed.  Mostly correct on your own with a few mistakes corrected in class.

    +1 = Needs Improvement:  Has too many errors and understanding of the lesson is not apparent.  Problems can be fixed and returned that week provided they are relevant to the current chapter.  Incomplete homework must be completed with me for credit (either during lunch, study hall, or after school).

    +0 = Little or no Effort:  Cannot be made up unless extenuating circumstances exist.


  • Preparation:  Students are expected to arrive daily with their binder, writing utensils, calculator and compass.  Each time a student is unprepared, a point will be deducted from the 10-point preparation grade.  All notes and homework MUST be organized in your notebook to receive the full 10 points of the preparation grade.


  • Grading System:  Each test or quiz has an assigned point value that will be combined with 50% of your homework grade.  Your average will be your accumulated point score divided by the total number of possible points for the quarter.  Since all grades are entered into Infinite Campus, I encourage you and your parents to check the portal regularly so you will know your average at any point during the year.

Example of Grading

  • Notes:  Most days notes will be handed out and placed in your binder.  A copy of the notes will be projected on the Smartboard.  Notes are designed so that first an explanation or procedure is given.  Secondly, example problems are to be done together.  Finally, problems will be provided for independent practice.


  • Typical Day:  We have too much material to cover to not use our time wisely.  Class begins promptly when the bell rings.  You take out your homework and begin correcting it with your RED pen (the correct answers will be projected on the Smartboard).  Any questions regarding homework will then be answered, so please ask.  Homework corrections are expected.  Homework will then be collected, notes handed out, and the remainder of the period will be spent on them.  Please do not ask to be excused from class.


  • Tests & Quizzes:  Tests will be announced and posted on the portal, whiteboard & Smartboard.  All missed tests must be completed within a reasonable time upon your return unless there are extenuating circumstances that I am made aware of.  In the case of field trips or lessons, the test must be made up no later than the following day, and arrangements should be made to take prior to class.  Each test or quiz has an assigned point value.


  • Resources:  I will post helpful websites for topics that we cover.  Currently you can use the following websites for additional help:  Khan Academy:, Regents Prep Center:  www., Texas Instruments:, and EngageNY for the Common Core:


  • Music Lessons:  You are responsible for asking for permission to go, getting the notes for the day, AND doing the assigned homework.


  • Absences:  Even though you are absent you are still responsible for getting the notes and completing the homework.  Homework should be handed in the day you return.  Special arrangements will be made for extended absences.  Check the class website for class notes and Smartboard files.


  • Extra Help:  I am available for extra help on Tuesday and Thursday after school.  Extra help is strongly encouraged.  If another time is needed, do not hesitate to ask.


  • Fire Drills:  These are taken very seriously in my classroom.  There should be absolutely no talking.  The escape route will be discussed in class.


Lets make it a great year!!!!!!




Mr. Albers                                            Mrs. Valentine