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Mattituck High School Service Learning Enhancement

Passport for Good

The MCUFSD is dedicated to providing a safe, encouraging and welcoming environment where diversity, interdependence and self-discovery are valued. Educators, students, families, and community members work together through a dynamic, flexible, and engaging learning process to:

  • Nurture individuals’ passion for life and learning
  • Foster collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Encourage a range of perspectives
  • Promote personal integrity

As a result, students develop competence, confidence, and resiliency to face future challenges in order to contribute to and inspire positive change in the local and global community.

In conjunction with that mission, one of our goals is to integrate community service into our student’s educational experience. Community service plays an integral role in teaching our students the importance of interacting and becoming positively involved in the world around them. Another purpose of this program is to acknowledge those altruistic acts as well as guide and encourage those who are not similarly involved to become active.

In order to be eligible for the Service Learning Enhancement, students will be required to participate in 85 hours of community service over the course of their junior high and high school career. Once those hours are completed, student will receive acknowledgement on their diploma at commencement. The yearly service hours recommendations are:

  • 7th Grade- 10 hours
  • 8th Grade - 10 hours
  • Freshmen- 15 hours
  • Sophomores- 15 hours
  • Juniors- 15 hours
  • Seniors- 20 hours

Students are permitted to participate in individual and/or group activities to log hours. Students may log up to a maximum of 25 hours for the same service project over the 6-year period. Students are encouraged to log hours during summer/ holiday breaks. However, hours of community service that are required by an organized group or are compensated with rank, status, credit or money will not count towards their school community service logged hours. A resource list of possible community service opportunities is available through the guidance department.  In order to be eligible for this Service Learning Enhancement, student hours and the reflection form must be completed and submitted by May 1st of the student’s senior year. Once the required number of hours of community service have documented,  a diploma enhancement will be included on the student’s diploma for commencement.


See Ms. Zaweski or email her for assistance.