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SAT/ACT Test Prep

Free SAT and ACT Prep is available to all MHS students with a Naviance account. Students are currently registered for Naviance by their Freshmen year. Students with questions about Naviance or test prep should see their counselor.

method learning act/sat test prep

Students can raise their SAT/ACT scores and improve their academic profile by using the SAT/ACT online prep. Students are presented with a simple checklist that is composed of 15 minute tasks. Students can watch video explanations of how to solve SAT /ACT questions. Students can also listen to a professional tutor explain the concepts and questions that they are struggling with, without reading through pages of intimidating text. As part of the SAT/ACT prep online, students get immediate feedback on every question. Each student's performance is tracked and strengths and weaknesses are clearly indicated. Counselors and parents can see where students need to focus their study time.

When students prepare for the SAT and ACT by using online prep, they are building reading, writing, math, and critical thinking skills that they will use for the rest of their lives. Spending just 15 minutes a day using the SAT/ACT prep online can make an enormous difference, not only in students' test scores but in their overall academic performance.

With Method Test Prep, students can:

  • Hear audio explanations of test questions
  • Access strategy guides for each test
  • Complete full-length practice tests
  • Receive hundreds of practice questions
  • Read easy explanations to every question
  • Track their strengths on each test
  • Receive valuable test-taking tips
  • Take practice quizzes to boost their knowledge
  • Access their courses on an unlimited, 24x7 basis, from any Web-enabled computer

Since the SAT/ACT online prep is web-based, students have access from any web-enabled computer or device, making it easy for them to study when it's most convenient.

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