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Physical Education

Welcome to the Physical Education Department of Mattituck Jr. Sr. High School

Secondary Physical Education Policies & Procedures:

"Physical Education is the only subject which by the very nature of its content
has the potential to affect how a person will feel every moment of everyday
for the rest of his or her life." - Allen Russell


Greggory Wormuth
Director of Health, Physical Education & Athletics
(631) 298-8471 x1111
(631) 298-8544 (fax)


Ashley Amato

Julie Wormuth

Cory Dolson

Joe Tardif

Logan McGinn

Raymond Ellis

Essentials of Learning

As a result of participation in a quality physical education program it is reasonable to expect that at the conclusion of each year 7th through 12th grade students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the knowledge of sport specific rules when engaging in physical activity
  • Implement the sport specific rules while engaged in physical activity.
  • Understand, demonstrate and promote safe behavior and procedures while engages in physical activity.
  • Describe good personal habits and identify the components of health related fitness and understand the relationship between physical activity and the prevention of disease.

  • Demonstrate appropriate personal living skills, including character development, social skills, conflict resolution and personal management skills.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and understanding of various activity skill components.
  • Identify and set short term goals related to personal wellness and understand the health benefits of regular participation in activity.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and game strategies while participating in sport specific activities.
  • Demonstrate good listening skills and the ability to follow directions successfully.
  • Demonstrate upon graduation the ability to locate and use outside resources to maintain personal fitness and to be an informed consumer.