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Special Education

Welcome to the Special Education Department of Mattituck Jr. Sr. High School

Mission Statement

The educational mission of the Mattituck-Cutchogue Junior-Senior High School Special Education Department is to inspire and challenge every student to accomplish academic, social and vocational goals in a safe and supportive learning environment. We have high expectations for every student and we work toward identifying and developing each student's interests and abilities. Our aim is to provide each learner with the skills to become a responsible, productive and independent member of society.

Department Goals

  • To continue to communicate with parents/guardians regarding student’s academic, social and emotional well-being.
  • To further utilize technology to engage students in their learning.
  • To implement strategies to develop social emotional learning within the classrooms.

Department Members Telephone/Voicemail Ext.

Jennifer Cressy
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8460, x6043

June Hamilton
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8460, x6046

Lisa Harper
Special Educator HS, Dept. Chair

(631) 298-8460, x6045

Jeff Hauser
Special Educator HS 
(631) 298-8471 x6226

Kevin Louser
Speech Language Therapist, Special Classes

(631) 298-8460, x6054

Jordan McGinn
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8471 x6223

Dawn Muscarella
Special Educator JH

(631) 298-8460, x6047

Christopher Robinson
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8460, x6048

Ron Rosso
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8460, x6050

Kimberly Santoro
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8460, x6222

Rebecca Szymanski
Special Educator JH

(631) 298-8460, x6189

Kaitlin Thornton
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8471 x6224

Erin VanGelder
Occupational Therapist

(631) 734-6049, x6194

Carrie Walsh,
Psychologist, CPSE Chair, District Evaluator

(631) 298-8460 x1115

Caroline Wills,
Special Educator HS & Transition Coordinator

(631) 298-8460 x6051

Chrissy Wilsberg
Special Educator HS

(631) 298-8460 x6052

Laura Bolliver
Occupational Therapist

(631) 298-8460 x1446

Megan Rodecker
Social Worker

(631) 298-8471 x6225